What are Body Safe Sex Toys? – Know What’s Going Inside Of You!

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I receive a lot of questions about sex toys, and questions regarding body-safe materials are super important to me. What are non-toxic body-safe sex toys? How do I know if a sex toy is body safe when I receive it?

Over the years with my sex toy shopping, I have had to avoid some horrible toys that even marketed themselves as body-safe. Until I took classes relating to health, the environment and chemistry I had no idea how toxic some of these products truly were! After some research on sex toys, I started to feel like information about body-safe materials was not accessible enough!

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2 in 1 Clit Sucker by Adorime – Sex Toy Unboxing

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In this video, I will be opening and unboxing a new toy from Adorime! They are an incredible sex toy company that is up and coming and has a very high-quality product. I have been loving all the new toys we have been collecting here for the blog! 

This toy is an exciting new design for the clit sucker line of toys they offer. This 2 in 1 clit sucker has a lot of features and looks very powerful and exciting.